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Trip Introduction

According to Nepal geography, high passes is a topographic saddle which is typically related to the nature in high mountains and the concept of saddle point marking the highest point between two valleys and the lowest point along a ridge. The High Passes Trekking is suitable for those people who love adventures and challenging trekking in the Himalayas, hiking in high altitude, walking in Himalayan glacier, crossing the Ice passes among the high mountains.

In the early years, high mountain passes in Nepal used to be a trading route for Tibetan and Nepalese merchants. The Himalayas of Nepal forms a common barrier with Tibet in the north. And because of mountain passes, traveling in the past was made easy. Thus, these mountain passes have played a vital role in migrating humans and animals between two countries for years. Due to this very reason, the people in the higher altitude share similarities in culture and lifestyle. Moreover, La, in particular, is a Tibetan word for a pass. Hence every mountain passes name ends with the Tibetan word La.

High passes trekking  in Nepal is a great and adventurous walk to discover the Himalayan indigenous culture, heritage, monuments, stunning and heart touching valley views of hills as well as exploring the different dramatic passes and amazing topography of Nepalese terrains make passes an essential part of adventurous trekking.

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